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Meditation principles and dangers from early Theosophical writings (11 items in collection)

An Introduction to Yoga

Annie Besant

How Clairvoyance Is Developed

Meditation - Concentration

A Yoga Of Light

Geoffrey Hodson


Damodar K. Mavalankar

HPB's Diagram Of Meditation

Clara Codd

Diagram of Meditation

Mary Anderson

The Golden Stairs

Contributed by H. P. Blavatsky


H.S. Olcott



The Lord's Prayer

Simon O'Rourke

The Voice of the Silence

H.P. Blavatsky

At the Feet of the Master

Alcyone (J. Krishnamurti)

Light on the Path

Mabel Collins

The Bhagavad Gita

Vyasa trans. by Annie Besant

Notes On The Bhagavad Gita

T Subba Row

Preparation for Yoga

I K Taimni on the step by step preparation leading to liberation