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Mitch on unsplash in mosaic wall purple building detail

On the Science in the Secret Doctrine

Members Only 20 October Discussion Launceston Lodge

Odra noel altmann%e2%80%99s bioblasts %e2%80%93 the four seasons %28autumn%29

Gravitational Waves - Are they Science's Akashic Record ?

Kevin Davey 13th Nov 2pm Adelaide all welcome

Hilma af klint  the dove  no. 2  group ix uw  the suw uw series  1915

Foundation Day

17 November 1875

Illustrations to robert blair's the grave   the soul hovering over the body william blake

After Death States & Spiritual Practice

Barry Bowden 17 November time TBA Launceston

Hands touching white shirts photo by rawpixel on unsplash

From Mindfulness to Meditation

National President Stephen McDonald - 20 Nov 2pm Adelaide

Jiddu krishnamurthy

Walker of the Sky

The Inner Life of Krishnamurti - Stephen McDonald 24 November 7.30pm

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