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Sphinx of ra or the sun illustration from pantheon egyptien %281823 1825%29 by leon jean joseph dubois %281780 1846%29. original from the new york public library. digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

The Mystery Schools Explored

Georgina Fode 26 June 1.30 pm Melbourne Lodge

Jiddu krishnamurthy

Walker of the Sky: The Inner Life of J. Krishnamurti

Stephen McDonald 7 July Brisbane

Public domain cc0 image %28via wikimedia commons and raw pixel%29

Where Biology and Reincarnation Intersect

Richard Silberstein on Bioelectric Fields 17 July 1.30 pm Melbourne

Perceval arrives at the grail castle to be greeted by the fisher king in an illustration for a 1330 manuscript of perceval  the story of the grail %28public domain cco image via wikipedia%29

Consciousness: The Holy Grail of the Universe

Edward Sinclair 24 July 1.30 pm Melbourne Lodge

Sam beasley eltps1t7gdy unsplash

Discovering the Tao Te Ching

Jay Wilson 4 August 1pm Launceston Lodge

Hands touching white shirts photo by rawpixel on unsplash

From Mindfulness to Meditation

Nat President: Stephen McDonald - 28th Aug 2:30pm Adelaide

Photo by benjamin voros on unsplash

Deep Time and Associated Memories

Olga & Victor Gostin - 9th Sep 7:00pm Adelaide

Hilma af klint  the dove  no. 2  group ix uw  the suw uw series  1915

Foundation Day

17 November 1875

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