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With International Headquarters at Adyar, Chennai, India.

Introduction to Theosophy: Online and Printed Sources

theosophy: a guide to the treasure trove of available material

Compiled by Pedro Oliveira 2020-2021 this is our latest resources catalogue, including books, articles, study courses and DVDs available online, fr...

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Introduction to Theosophy Resources Catalogue

Compiled by Pedro Oliveira

Letters to New Members

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Springbrook Centre

Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre QLD

Letters to New Members

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Our Education Resources

An overview of our resources by Pedro Oliveira

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Committee Work

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Reading Lists

Ecology, yoga, reincarnation, world religions and more (20 items in collection)

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Rules of The TS in Australia

On joining the TS in Australia the Rules we agree to abide by

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