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Medieval pattern poems of rabanus maurus %289th century%29

Discovering the Tao Te Ching

20 November 1pm Launceston

Blue grotto  capri island  italy %28ca. 1900%29  from the detroit publishing company

The Secret of the Caduceus

Tony Petcopolous Sunshine Coast 21 Nov at 7 pm

Juin la

Birth of George S Arundale

1 December 1878 — 12 August 1945

White lotus by wolfgang hasselmann on unsplash

The Secret of Evolution

Pedro Oliveira 2 Dec 7.45 pm Hobart

Extrait de chandi mangal de meena chitrakar %28naya bengale%29 %281439706046%29

The Secret of Evolution

Pedro Oliveira 4 December 1 pm Launceston

Juin la

Birth of N. Sri Ram

15 December 1889 - 8 April 1973

Photo by jon tyson on unsplash

A Dialogue With The Universe

2020 National Convention featuring Richard Silberstein 18-25 January

Science atom nucleus pink photo by hal gatewood on unsplash

2020 School of Theosophy

MEMBERS ONLY Friday 24 April - Thursday 20 April 2020, Queensland

Juin la

Birth of Clara Codd

10 October 1876 - 3 April 1971

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