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Discovering the Tao Te Ching

Jay Wilson 4 August 1pm LAUNCESTON LODGE

Hermes carrying a winged caduceus vatican museums  public domain  via wikimedia commons

The Secrets of the Caduceus

Tony Petcopoulos 7.30pm 4 August 2021 BRISBANE LODGE

Manasa the snake goddess  jamini roy

Aspects of Goddess Worship in India

Dr Jayant Bapat OAM 7 August 1.30 to 4pm A Hero with a Thousand Faces

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David Shea —The Dialogue of Time

The Krishnamurti/Bohm Dialogues Revisited 21 August 1.30 to 4pm MELBOURNE

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Suffering and its Solution in Vedānta

Swami Atmeshenanda 7.30pm Wed 25 August BRISBANE LODGE

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From Mindfulness to Meditation

Nat President: Stephen McDonald - 28th Aug 2:30pm Adelaide

Photo by benjamin voros on unsplash

Deep Time and Associated Memories

Olga & Victor Gostin - 9th Sep 7:00pm Adelaide

Purple light in regular development. %28evening%29 %e2%80%94 south atlantic ocean  december 2nd 1884.

The Dialogue of Time

David Shea 18 September 1.30pm MELBOURNE

Hilma af klint  the dove  no. 2  group ix uw  the suw uw series  1915

Foundation Day

17 November 1875

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2022  National Convention Perth

The Vision and the Way 18 to 25 January 2022 (Members Only)

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