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The SD —An Introduction to Its Study


key concepts and hard to find essays at your fingertips

About The Secret Doctrine

First published in 1888 The Secret Doctrine introduced the late Victorian era to the esoteric ideas behind the religions of the world and ushered in the New Age. It aimed to show that nature is not a fortuitous concurrence of atoms — an act of  blind chance —  to put humanity in its rightful place in the scheme of things, and 'to rescue from degradation  the archaic truths which are the basis of all religions'.

About the Course

This  course includes an Introduction, Who was Helena P. Blavatsky?, Why The Secret Doctrine was written, How The Secret Doctrine was written, The Three Fundamental Propositions of the Proem. How to Study The Secret Doctrine, Serious Students Explore The Secret Doctrine, The Stanzas of Dzyan: Ultimate Mystical Metaphysics, ‘The Source of the Stanzas is Truth’. The Secret Doctrine: Its Practical Application and Bibliography.

About the Compiler

Pedro Oliveira joined the Theosophical Society in 1978 and holds a degree in Philosophy from the Federal University in Brazil.  He is a former International Secretary of the TS and former Head of the Editorial Office at the international Headquarters at Adyar.  He has also served as President of the Indo-Pacific Federation of the Society.  Pedro is the Education Coordinator of the TS in Australia (2012-2021). He has lectured widely for the Society in Australia and in many countries and his articles have appeared in a number of TS journals. He is the author of the book N. Sri Ram – A Life of Beneficence and Wisdom published by TPH Adyar in 2009.


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