The Theosophical
Society in Australia

With International Headquarters at Adyar, Chennai, India.

Canberra Group

Coordinator: Gordon Herbert
Secretary: Barbara Harrod

Meeting place: Friends Meeting House, Cnr. Bent and Condamine Streets, Turner 
Meet: 2 - 4 pm 3rd Saturday each month

Saturday 17 April
Apocalypse — Myth and Present Day
Talk by Gordon Herbert

About the Presentation

A great opportunity awaits. We are entering into a time of challenge and change that will foster a transformation of human development. Apocalypse is the battle of this transformation. Through it we are changing ourselves and the world for good. However, we face many looming dangers to our world, including global warming and pollution, collapse of life support ecosystems, food and resource depletion, and global mismanagement of these dangers. Spiritually minded people can work with the forces of light to help win the battle, to create the good, the true and the beautiful. But we need to work with a clear understanding of what is required, and how to act.

This presentation and discussion will consider the science and the esoteric causes behind our predicament. We will explore how spiritually minded people can help enhance the forces of Light, individually and with others. Practical activities on the outer and inner levels will be considered for their effectiveness.

Summaries of these scientific, social and esoteric issues are at:

It is recommended that you read these summaries before the discussion.

About the Presenter

Gordon Herbert

Gordon has studied the ancient wisdoms and practiced their methods for over 30 years. He has given talks and written for magazines and the internet on esoteric issues. His interests include evolution and development, symbols and myths, the wisdom teachings of religions, modern inspirations, and astrology, as well as theosophy and the works of Alice Bailey. Aspects of modern science that parallel the older teachings are of particular interest. Gordon has a M.A. in Human Geography and was Tutor and Lecturer at the Australian National University and at Macquarie University. Although offered a tenured position and PhD at Macquarie University he decided instead to privately study the spiritual wisdoms. For 27 years he was a foreign aid manager in the Australian Government’s Development Assistance Agency, including posting as Head of Aid section at the Australian High Commission in Sri Lanka.

Saturday 15 May
White Flame of the Heart: The Mystic's Inner Journey
Talk by Jim Cloutman

About the Presentation

May’s talk is from Jim Cloutman, a Canberra TS group member. Jim has had a fifty-year interest in Theosophy. In this presentation, he will explore pathways to the mystic experience and its interconnectedness with ‘probation and chelaship’, an inner journey that is spoken about so widely in the Theosophical literature. Practical exercises to deepen and hone the interaction with your innermost self will be presented.

About the Presenter

Jim Cloutman

First joining the TS at 16, in the early seventies, Jim has an honours degree in comparative religion from King’s College, London University. He is an educationalist by profession, with a Ph.D in adult education. His key interest is in helping learners develop, through education, emotional intelligence and the many emotional attributes that are so badly needed in today’s world, such as resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability. He has led a college that specialises in educational programs for at-risk groups, including people with disabilities, the unemployed and those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as juvenile justice and prison inmates. Currently he is working on a project with the NSW government to develop learning programs in emotional intelligence for adult students.

Saturday 19 June
The Power of the Intuitive Self
Talk by Nila Chambers

About the Presentation

We all have within us the largely untapped potential of the intuitive self. Nila knows this first hand because intuition saved her life. She is now passionate to help others unlock or develop the intuitive self as a guidance system for life. In this talk Nila will briefly outline her healing experiences, discuss the various types of intuition and lead a group discussion exercise.

About the Presenter

Nila Chambers is a retired school principal and university and TAFE lecturer. She was involved in Rudolf Steiner education for some years and founded the Steiner school in Cairns. She is the author of ‘The Gift of Intuition: guidance on a healing path.’ Nowadays she is a facilitator of groups, workshops and retreats to help others develop their inner guidance.

Nila has a master’s degree in comparative religion, an honors degree in psychology and various teaching qualifications. She currently facilitates the Sydney Northern Beaches Theosophy Group and was co-facilitator of Sydney IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies). Nila is a life- long meditator and seeker of spiritual truth.


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