The Theosophical
Society in Australia

With International Headquarters at Adyar, Chennai, India.

Canberra Group

Meets third Saturday of each month from 2 to 4pm

Coordinator: Gordon Herbert
Secretary: Barbara Harrod
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Meeting place: Friends' Meeting House, 17 Bent Steet, Turner (on the corner of Bent and Condamine Streets)
Meet: 2 - 4 pm 3rd Saturday each month.

2023 Programme

2.00pm     Saturday 17 June

Topic:  Along the Path and Towards the Mountains

Presenter:  Gerard Brennan

About the presenter:
Gerard has a long standing interest in Theosophy as an Expression of the Divine Wisdom and has been a member of The Theosophical Society for many years. He is currently the State TS Representative for NSW/ACT and is also the President of the Indo-Pacific Federation of the Theosophical Society. The idea of Universal Brotherhood is something that really interests him and he has also been interested in how to apply Theosophy to Our Daily Lives. Over the years he has had the good fortune to visit the TS International Headquarters in Adyar, India many times. He has attended many Theosophical Conventions over the years. His professional background was in teaching literature and history as a high school teacher. He considers that it has been a great privilege for him to be able to visit different TS groups in the NSW/ACT region.

About the presentation:
For a long time at the heart of the spiritual life has been the notion of the Seeker walking along the path in his or her ascent towards the Divine. Leaving behind the concerns of the world, even if only for a time, pilgrims ascend towards the summit in the hope of finding what they have been seeking.

This presentation will explore the lasting value and rich symbolism of walking the spiritual path, by exploring man's close relationship with the natural world and how this has enriched his experience of the Divine over time. By delving into the rich tradition of Celtic mythology and the wellspring of the Ancient Wisdom we will examine together how the rivers and the trees, the mountains, the lakes and the beauty of nature have for centuries been revered as deeper expressions of something sacred.

As we undertake this journey together let us focus on the healing properties of Mother Nature and her wonderful capacity to reveal her enduring wisdom.


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