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2023 October Springbrook Event


THEME: Astronomy & Astrology: What we observe and what we experience


Often we see the stars in a materialistic way and miss the depth of meaning implicit in the universe. The ancients saw the same sky much as we see it now, but their interpretation of the heavens was full of inner significance. Let’s enquire together into the relationship between science and spirit and how the two have connections that ultimately bring meaning to our lives.


Kevin Davey has taught science and mathematics at secondary schools in South Australia. He started an information technology company in 1990 and was awarded a Master of Science degree in astronomy in 2016 from Swinburne University of Technology. He has been a member of the Astronomical Association of South Australia since 1995, has provided a number of talks to their general meetings and had articles published in their magazine, The Bulletin of the ASSA. Kevin is a popular speaker and has presented on various aspects of physical sciences, astronomy and cosmology to the Adelaide Lodge and at National Conventions.

Nicky Bassett. A second-generation Theosophist, Nicky’s vocation as an astrologer began in childhood observing the moon’s cyclic influence on the ocean’s tides. In 2000 she qualified as an astrologer with the Federation of Australian Astrologers and established an astrological counselling practice. She has presented lectures on astrology for the Brisbane Lodge and Sunshine Coast Lodge of the Theosophical Society and has taught introductory astrology for 7 years. Nicky also ran her own management consulting company for 20 years and has presented a variety of workshops and lectures in many parts of Australia for approximately 30 years.

Simon O’Rourke has been a member of the Theosophical Society for 30 years with a strong interest in Theosophy and the Secret Doctrine teachings. He is currently the Education Coordinator for the Theosophical Society in Australia and is a former President and Treasurer of the Blavatsky Lodge in Sydney.


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