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The Science of Yoga by I. K. Taimni

Cost: $30.00

Cost to TS Members: $15.00

the way of yoga, leading all the way to enlightenment

The Patañjali Yoga Sūtra is the key text in the yoga tradition. The Taimni translation gives the text in Devanāgarī, Roman transliteration, translation into English, followed by insightful commentary. To be studied and savoured over a lifetime.

We should not forget that the purpose of acquiring this knowledge is to enable us to enter the path of Yoga and acquire those qualifications which enable us to put ourselves into touch with the source of true knowledge within us. As our mind gets purified and harmonized and the intuitive faculty begins to function, knowledge which we need wells up from within us, and the help and guidance which we deserve comes to us from somewhere, somehow, unasked.

I.K. Taimni Glimpses Into the Psychology of Yoga


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