The Theosophical
Society in Australia

With International Headquarters at Adyar, Chennai, India.

Images of 2020 National Convention, Melbourne


Theme: ‘A Dialogue with the Universe: Science, Wisdom and Creativity’

Our 2020 Convention was well supported by TS members from around Australia. We were joined by a member from Germany and one from Switzerland. The keynote speaker was long-time member and neuroscientist, Professor Emeritus Richard Silberstein. A great week was had by all with leisurely shared meals, talks, workshops, a day outing, two concerts of fine music, and more. Below is a selection of photos which capture moments from this event. Photos by George Wester and Tony Buzek.

Entrance to St Mary's College, Melbourne, the venue for the 2020 National Convention

Greetings to the Convention from the Gosford Group by Isolde Sueltemeyer

Keynote speaker Dr Richard Silberstein and Dr Victor Gostin

Richard Silberstein, Hana O'Rourke and Victor Gostin

National Vice-President Sue Lee and National President Linda Oliveira

Dianne Kynaston

Delegates enjoying a leisurely meal time

L to R: Heather Fisher, Carmen French, Helen Steven, Denise Frost and Phillipa Rooke

George Ilkowiec and Pedro Oliveira

Workshop with Harry Bayens

Dr Helen Lambert and Lucille Crocker

Impromptu talk by Victor Gostin during the day outing to the Mornington Peninsula

Jean Carroll and Tina Hentisz

Manfred Mey, Germany

Shirley Ingham and Valerie Jays

Barabara Fingleton and Denise Frost

Georgina Fode and BeverIey Parker


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Images of 2020 National Convention

18-25 January, St. Mary's College, University of Melbourne

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