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CANCELLED The Dialogue of Time:  Krishnamurti and David Bohm revisited (Part 1)

Public Talk, 12.30 - 3.00 am, 21 August 2021.

Featured Speaker:David Shea
Venue:Melbourne Lodge

the range & reach of the krishnamurti/bohm dialogues explored in depth

About the Presentation (Part 1)

The dialogues and friendship between J Krishnamurti and quantum physicist David Bohm, assistant to Einstein during the 50s and 60s, were filmed and recorded in the book The Ending of Time. In his first talk, David Shea will introduce David Bohm and Krishnamurti. He will examine their specific conversations, particularly those which took the approach of exploring through dialogue, a process of mutual discovery.

In the 21st century this dialogue of seemingly opposites sides of the rational science and non-mind, meditational and religious experience, have given birth to radical changes in the sciences, architecture, modern spiritual practice, business, the connection and understanding of plants and animals, the arts and a range of new hybrid fields have emerged. Through the filter of these dialogues of Krishnamurti Bohm we will explore the talks and the relevance to the incredible rate of global change in the world, virtual world, and material worlds.

We will also explore the way in which they carefully preserve the differences of their backgrounds and knowledge and avoid a synthesis into a new whole but strip back and expose the underlying roots of the ecosystem of connections and disconnections. This will lay the foundations to examine some of the many pragmatic outcomes and influences of this very relevant contemporary dialogue between the seemingly separate worlds of the rational and the spiritual. 

About the Presentation (Part 2)

The second talk will look at the many fields and new areas of practice that have emerged in the 21st century, viewed through the experiences of the dialogues in the first talk. The influence on education, business and economies, the body, healing and medicine, the arts, music, the new sciences, internet and media, as well as the explosion of hybrid and collaborative fields that are emerging and that have practical connections to the depths of our internal knowledge and our external technological and emotional social life.

We will go deeply into the speed of 21st century change and the global dialogue of the East and West traditions practically applied to the life around us and our understanding of the past.  A vast number of internet resources will be given, and a wide overview of collaborative disciplines will be explored, resources to explore and share and to continue your own search for connections.

About the Presenter

Composer David Shea is Lecturer at The University of Melbourne and The Victorian College of the Arts,  Since 2006 he has worked out of The Centre for Ideas, a cross collaborative set of courses where all disciplines of the arts work together and explore ideas outside of their discipline and learn practical connections between the arts and many other areas not traditionally thought to be connected to creative practice. This evolved in 2010 into what is now called the Melbourne Model where all students in all areas of study were required to take "Breadth subjects" —electives that are cross-discipline courses outside of their core studies.

The courses David currently teaches involve explorations of connection between the new sciences, spiritual traditions, Buddhism and Taoism, architecture, sound studies and music, history, technology, video game culture, contemporary art, east and west dialogues ancient and modern, new ideas in business and economies, quantum physics, the Body and the new view of the brain and the senses, placebo effects and a wide range of approaches from lectures to workshops to hybrid media approaches. 


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