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Melbourne Lodge

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A Hero with a Thousand Faces

Public Talk, 1.30 - 4.00 pm, 7 August 2021.

Featured Speaker:Jayant Bapat
Venue:Melbourne Lodge

special presentation by dr jayant bapat oam

About the Presentation

Among the extant major religions of the world, Hinduism is perhaps the only religion where the worship of the Goddess is highly significant and popular to this date. Dr Jayant's talk deals with the nature and variety of goddess worship in Hinduism. We delve into the possible reasons behind her varied personality and character, ranging from the extremes of malevolence to benevolence. We will also examine her portrayal in the form of autochthonous stones to highly iconographic images. 

About the Presenter

Dr Jayant Bapat is an Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Historical, Philosophical and International Studies (SOPHIS) Monash University, and Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Born in Maharashtra State, India, in 1938, Dr Bapat migrated to Australia in 1965. She holds a Ph.D. (Indology), La Trobe University, awarded for her thesis on Temple Priests in Western India associated with the God, Shiva (2000). With numerous publications to her credit, Dr Jayant Bapat is currently in the process of co-editing the third volume in the Goddess Trilogy with Marika Vicziany, due in 2022.


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